Desktop breakfast

I’ve never been a breakfast person and have always struggled to eat before leaving the house. 

memories of school days where, in desperation, my mum told me that it was better that I had “what I fancied” rather than do without. Cucumber butty it was then, covered in salt & black pepper. Do you think the slimming world plan was in my head all along? My heb with plenty of speed… 😳

Nowadays, with a 7am start, it’s nigh on possible to force anything down before leaving the house. 

Instead, I prepare my desktop breakfast! I get peckish between 8am & 9am and this really does fill me up till lunch.

Slimmjng world sausage, boiled eggs, pickled gherkins and sliced tomato (all topped with salt n pepper, some things never change) . 

Check out my AMAZING new lunch boxes (thanks to my good pal Mireya & Paperchase). 




Sorry about the lack of food posts but I’ve been too busy fending off Scottish Power on my mobile phone! 

For weeks they have not stopped hounding me despite numerous requests to take me off their call list! 

Thursday night, they called and I told them quite bluntly that if I wanted to switch to them then I would contact them myself and asked not to call me again…

Friday morning the familiar number flashed up on my phone. I confess I was a little short (well at less than 5 ft it’s only to be expected)

“I told you last night that I am NOT interested” I spat out as I answered the call.

“Well can I ask why you’re not interested Mrs Fennell?”

Seriously, what part of this Scottish power bod interpreted my “greeting” as an invitation to chat??

“Take my number off your list and do not call me again” I demanded before terminating the call. (Yes, yes it’s true folks, UNICEF are fast tracking my ambassador application right now).

GUESS WHAT? 3 calls today! 

In this modern world of technology there was only one thing for it…. 


BINGO! Within minutes I had a reply and the resulting promise that my number has been removed from their dialling list 


Sunday Brunch

Having feasted on butties all week for lunch, the boys like to something a bit different for lunch at the weekend. Bacon & egg butties being a firm favourite.

The problem with that is that I am needy. I need my heb wholemeal roll for garlic bread (Sunday night is pasta night- it’s tradition), I need to include 1/3 superfree with my lunch and I also need something quick and easy to prepare at the same time as cooking bacon & eggs. 

By Jove – today I think I cracked it! 

 Leftover alphabet spaghetti in a shallow bowl, topped with two eggs & microwaved for 2-3 minutes (don’t forget to pierce both the yolk and the egg white first).

Whilst they cook I can get on with frying the boys eggs and dish up lunch at the same time for everyone 👍 


Easy Peasy Lamb Curry 

Easy Peasy Lamb Curry

2 lamb steaks diced (visible fat removed)
1 red chilli chopped (seeds removed)
1 red pepper chopped
1 red onion chopped 
Garam masala
Medium Curry powder 
Chilli flakes 
Passata (I love napolina) 

Throw everything in your slow cooker and leave on low for 6 Easy hours

It really is that easy!! Just don’t forget to remind the hubby that the red onion chutney side dish is SUPPOSED to be cold 😳

Elfy Red Onion Chutney 

Red Onion Chutney – ideal accompaniment to an Indian curry 💖

2 red onions sliced 
1 red chilli chopped (seeds removed)
Ground cumin 
Ground coriander 
Chilli powder
Chipotle pepper Tabasco 
Tomato purée
Balsamic vinegar

Spray medium pan with chilli frylite. Add onions & chilli and fry til onions start to caramelise (keep adding small amounts of water to stop any burning). Add remaining ingredients, stir well and simmer for 15-20 minutes till desired thickness.  

Getting my goat!

Saturday night curry night in the Fennell household. In the words of Mr F “it’s tradition”…

I’m a bit of an adventurous cook and I try to vary it week by week (though I confess, the week I did a chilli was a vary too far 😳).

One day last year following an episode of one of my FAVOURITE shows “come dine with me”, I was inspired to try a goat curry!  

Now sourcing said meat was not the easiest of tasks. Our local Tesco and Sainsbury’s aren’t exactly no 1 in the top 10 of cultural supplies. A google search found me a farm, located about 30 minutes away in the heart of the Cheshire countryside. Closed on Saturdays!! 

Well clearly a farmer knows that when a girl has an urge, it must be sated! With the promise of a big order, he agreed to open up on Saturday just so that we could collect. I rounded up my usual girly cohorts, persuaded them to place an order and arranged a time to be at the farm on Saturday. 

Now when we got there, I was suprised to see a farmhouse complete with barn full of goats (I know I know, don’t say anything please) For a scary moment, I thought it was going to be like a Lobster restaurant, where I had to pick out my goat of choice!  

I was going to pick Billy who had caught my eye (pictured below) 

 Luckily, when I knocked on the door, our orders were already packaged and ready to go. Billy was safe for another day or two…

Well, what can I say? After all that effort, when it came to actually eating the goat curry, I was a bit hesitant. I mean, is been stroking Billy earlier on and now I had cooked his sibling! 

Mr F and F minor had no such qualms. They tucked in wholeheartedly and enjoyed it. As did my step-sons when I cooked it for them a few weeks later, ok, so I hadn’t actually told them what meat it was but that’s allowed, isn’t it? 🙊

Saturday mornings

You gotta love a weekend (sorry to all those of you have to work a weekend) and especially a Saturday morning – coffee in bed with the whole weekend still ahead… 

This Saturday morning is extra special. Not only is Mr F off (he has to work every other, booooo!!) BUT….


Let me explain how I became hooked on the grand prix AND fell in love with a blonde German boy, Sebastian Vettel 💖

6 years ago Mr F announces, “I’m going to follow the Grand Prix this year, it’s a man’s sport”. F Minor concurred, “oh yes, me too, bring it on”… Well I wasn’t going to be left out! 

Throwing myself into the role of enthusiastic fan, I booked us tickets to watch Formula 3 racing at nearby Oulton Park. 

A few days later I received a phone call from Oulton Park to tell me that I’d won the draw?? By booking online I was automatically entered into a prize draw to win a visit into the RED BULL Pitt at the track on the day! 

How exciting! Unfortunately, at our appointed timeslot, due to an investigation into the previous race,  we were unable to “meet & greet” the F3 red bull drivers “Daniel Riccardio” and “Max Chiltern”…. We did however, get to touch their cars!!

No photo’s were allowed in the garage so here’s F Minor on the day with another car 

 Mr F and F minor soon got bored of Formula 1, and me? I was completely hooked! Within a few races, following Red Bull (OBVS! I’d touched their cars) I fell for their driver, Sebastian Vettel, a shy German boy with a wicked sense of humour and a smile that lit up the tv 💖💖 

Moving forward to 2015! Here I am, all alone on a Saturday morning waiting to watch my boy qualify for the Malaysian Grand Prix with his new team, Ferrari..

COME ON VETTEL, you can do it 👆

Moving House

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s moving house. When we moved to our bungalow 4 years ago, I swore blind that it would be the last time! 

So why on earth did I think it was a good idea to “volunteer” to help my step-daughter and son-in-law move house today? Because I love them that’s why… 

Now there is always one person who stands out from the crowd. Someone who gives it there all. Someone who is first to muck in, get their hands dirty…

To be honest, it wasn’t me! In fact,  I wasn’t exactly much use. I can’t lift heavy things, I’m never in the running for the “cleaner of the year” award and my organisation skills end at meal planning. 

I did however, keep the coffee supply going for the troops. In fact, I think it’s safe to say I was the “Starbucks” of the day ☕️ 

I’d like to say a big “WELL DONE” to everyone who pitched in and helped out today, especially Mr F & F minor (son & heir), who worked much harder than me. 

I’d also like to wish Adele, Bub & Lola all the happiness in the world in their new home 💖 

Of course, after such a busy day, a girl (and her strong men) need a little reward. So, check out tonight’s dinner!

Thank you Sainsbury’s, cos everybody needs a synful night in their lives  


Marmite spuds!

Marmite, love it? Hate it?

I’ve never managed to get marmite right! I love the taste but can never get it to spread so have never bothered with it… 

Now Mr F (chip lover personified) one day announced that a lad from his work had been telling him about his marmite jacket spuds! (please don’t – I’m trying my hardest not to picture brokeback mountain).

Suddenly, Mr “I love chips with every meal” F, became obsessed with jacket potato’s! 

Soooo tonight, as it’s the start of a long weekend for us (day off tomorrow but that’s another story yet to come), I think… Why not?  Let’s humour the man… 

 OH MY! where have marmite spuds been all my life??

RECIPE: microwave spuds (pricked) for 10 mins. Place on baking tray & spray with garlic frylite & grind salt over. Bake at top of hot oven for 30-40 mins till cooked. Cut spuds in half & scoop out middle. Put into a bowl & mix well with a tablespoon of marmite. Place back in shells & put back in oven for 10-15 minutes till shells crispy! 

Hula Hooping

For some reason (I’m thinking age) I am finding myself waking up throughout the night with my arms tucked right up against my body! This results in stiff aching  elbows when I finally do stir! 

On the plus side, I finally have a use for the ab trainer that I bought years ago..  I should use it as a sleeping frame to keep my arms straight …


I’m a big fan of exercise accessories! Over the years they’ve helped me lose so many pounds… The only problem is, I’m taking cash not weight!

Is there anyone else like me? A sucker for a new “toy”. You name it, I’ve bought it, from Davina McCall’s exercise DVD (I seriously couldn’t walk for a week) through to the latest fad, a weighted hula hoop!!

To be honest, at only 5ft tall, as soon as I opened the box I knew I was in for trouble… I was able to fit in it (think world in action only clothes)! 

My son kindly fit it together for me, it looked and felt more like a weapon of mass destruction. Still, I was willing to give it a go… 

OH MY GOD DON’T! Unless you’re Marine trained this is a killer…

Firstly step, make sure it is fitted together properl! Secondly don’t use it in the conservatory unless you’ve followed step 1 to the letter!

Oh yes, you can guess! Swing the hula hoop round and PING! It snapped apart and headed straight towards the glass windows, taking most of my skin from my side with it… 

Luckily, no permanent damage was caused to either myself or the windows… And my hula hoop? LONG SINCE BANISHED..