About Me

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Elf by name, Elf by nature! Emma Louise Fennell (ELF) Standing 5ft minus 1 inch tall…

42 years & 51 weeks old mother of 1, step-mum of 4 and 2 amazing grandchildren! Married for 10 years to the same bloke that I first fell in love with at primary school (I was 5, he was 6 but we didn’t have horses made of sticks, bang bang….)

Born & bred in Chester (brief stint in Crewe but soon headed back to the best city in the world). 

Loves: Family, food, wine, dogs, food, wine, walking, food, wine.

Diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my toes, I had an operation on both feet to fuse the big toe joint together, 18 months ago!  8 months ago I had a further operation to remove the screws due to complications (allergic to non allergic screws apparently – only me!!).

Not quite sure if I did the right thing or not yet as still suffer quite a bit & currently experiencing tendonitis across the top of my left foot and possible mortons neuroma in my right foot. 

However, I will always find that silver lining…  NO EXERCISE!! 

I swear I’m allergic to exercise anyway, it makes me breathless and sweaty!! That can’t be healthy for anyone..


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