Desktop breakfast

I’ve never been a breakfast person and have always struggled to eat before leaving the house. 

memories of school days where, in desperation, my mum told me that it was better that I had “what I fancied” rather than do without. Cucumber butty it was then, covered in salt & black pepper. Do you think the slimming world plan was in my head all along? My heb with plenty of speed… 😳

Nowadays, with a 7am start, it’s nigh on possible to force anything down before leaving the house. 

Instead, I prepare my desktop breakfast! I get peckish between 8am & 9am and this really does fill me up till lunch.

Slimmjng world sausage, boiled eggs, pickled gherkins and sliced tomato (all topped with salt n pepper, some things never change) . 

Check out my AMAZING new lunch boxes (thanks to my good pal Mireya & Paperchase). 



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