Sorry about the lack of food posts but I’ve been too busy fending off Scottish Power on my mobile phone! 

For weeks they have not stopped hounding me despite numerous requests to take me off their call list! 

Thursday night, they called and I told them quite bluntly that if I wanted to switch to them then I would contact them myself and asked not to call me again…

Friday morning the familiar number flashed up on my phone. I confess I was a little short (well at less than 5 ft it’s only to be expected)

“I told you last night that I am NOT interested” I spat out as I answered the call.

“Well can I ask why you’re not interested Mrs Fennell?”

Seriously, what part of this Scottish power bod interpreted my “greeting” as an invitation to chat??

“Take my number off your list and do not call me again” I demanded before terminating the call. (Yes, yes it’s true folks, UNICEF are fast tracking my ambassador application right now).

GUESS WHAT? 3 calls today! 

In this modern world of technology there was only one thing for it…. 


BINGO! Within minutes I had a reply and the resulting promise that my number has been removed from their dialling list 



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