Marmite spuds!

Marmite, love it? Hate it?

I’ve never managed to get marmite right! I love the taste but can never get it to spread so have never bothered with it… 

Now Mr F (chip lover personified) one day announced that a lad from his work had been telling him about his marmite jacket spuds! (please don’t – I’m trying my hardest not to picture brokeback mountain).

Suddenly, Mr “I love chips with every meal” F, became obsessed with jacket potato’s! 

Soooo tonight, as it’s the start of a long weekend for us (day off tomorrow but that’s another story yet to come), I think… Why not?  Let’s humour the man… 

 OH MY! where have marmite spuds been all my life??

RECIPE: microwave spuds (pricked) for 10 mins. Place on baking tray & spray with garlic frylite & grind salt over. Bake at top of hot oven for 30-40 mins till cooked. Cut spuds in half & scoop out middle. Put into a bowl & mix well with a tablespoon of marmite. Place back in shells & put back in oven for 10-15 minutes till shells crispy! 


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