At weekends I tend not to have breakfast. I’m never hungry yet come a workday, as soon as I sit at my desk at 7am, I am ravenous 🙈

I love my Elfy Eating breakfast box. It’s tasty and so versatile, simply use any combination of ingredients that take your fancy…

My preference is sausage (quorn or SW) with boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes, spinach, sliced pickled gherkins and a good glug of Hellman’s fat free vinaigrette & salt n pepper to taste 😋



Another day dawns and another breakfast beckons! Can you guess what I’m having today? It’s another 2 course one (why? Because I can 😂)Part 1: red grapefruit sprinkled with sweetener (my preferred brand is Sukrin Gold from Holland & Barrett. It’s a syn free natural brown sugar alternative and is delicious) that’s my speed option to kick start the day, this will be followed by my Elfy Eating breakfast box, it’s my tasty, breakfast in a box that is great for eating at your desk in work (though be prepared for comments if, like me you love a boiled egg or two 😂)The ingredients can be whatever takes your fancy. My preference is low fat quorn sausage, boiled eggs, tomatoes, spinach and sliced pickled gherkins (trust me, it works) and all topped with a generous glug of Hellman’s fat free vinaigrette..

Try it and let me know what you think??

Morning routine

Do you want a fab quick & easy breakfast? One that’s ready in just a few minutes? Me too, if only….

Ta daaaaaaaa!! Look what I came up with today! 

As you know, I start work at 7am, which means a a 5.15am alarm call and I leave the house at 6.30.

In that short time, I need at least half an hour with a wake up coffee and a catch up on my social media sites (yes, guilty as charged).

The remaining 3/4 of an hour is for getting me ready, getting my lunch ready AND getting breakfast ready! “How does she do it?” I hear you ask… Quickly is what I answer, Let’s just say I’m a morning girl and have my routine down to a tee..

Soooo wanting something different to add to my pre cooked slimming world sausage (planning and preparation is essential when following slimming world)…

In a bowl, I added a handful each of frozen sliced mushrooms and frozen sliced peppers. Cook for  5 mins in the microwave. 

1-5 mins – put on moisturiser/ foundation/ powder to suit taste, eye liner & lip liner. 

Add 2 eggs, a glug of water, salt n pepper and beat. Cook on high for the next 2-4 minutes checking and beating every minute eg:

6-7 mins – eyeshadow & mascara – beat

7-8 mins – lippy, blot, lippy – beat

8-9 mins – blusher – check eggs…

RESULT – desktop breakfast prepared and face done within 10 minutes!  


Desktop breakfast

I’ve never been a breakfast person and have always struggled to eat before leaving the house. 

memories of school days where, in desperation, my mum told me that it was better that I had “what I fancied” rather than do without. Cucumber butty it was then, covered in salt & black pepper. Do you think the slimming world plan was in my head all along? My heb with plenty of speed… 😳

Nowadays, with a 7am start, it’s nigh on possible to force anything down before leaving the house. 

Instead, I prepare my desktop breakfast! I get peckish between 8am & 9am and this really does fill me up till lunch.

Slimmjng world sausage, boiled eggs, pickled gherkins and sliced tomato (all topped with salt n pepper, some things never change) . 

Check out my AMAZING new lunch boxes (thanks to my good pal Mireya & Paperchase). 


Getting my oats

Mr F never fails to give me my oats! I only have to ask him.. He regularly gives my friends their oats too…

Tut tut, I know what you’re thinking, you dirty minded lot 😳


He is a manager, on the pet shop side (well, pet food superstore to give the exact description) of an animal feed mill. The mill has a sister company, “Morning Foods” who provide a huge range of cereals/ oats globally. 

His stores stock these cereals and “superfast oats” are amazing!  AND CHEAP!! 

No soaking overnight for these little ones! Pop your yogurt in, add fresh/ frozen fruit of your choice & away you go!  (I also added a glug of skinny syrup but more about that again)