Hula Hooping

For some reason (I’m thinking age) I am finding myself waking up throughout the night with my arms tucked right up against my body! This results in stiff aching  elbows when I finally do stir! 

On the plus side, I finally have a use for the ab trainer that I bought years ago..  I should use it as a sleeping frame to keep my arms straight …


I’m a big fan of exercise accessories! Over the years they’ve helped me lose so many pounds… The only problem is, I’m taking cash not weight!

Is there anyone else like me? A sucker for a new “toy”. You name it, I’ve bought it, from Davina McCall’s exercise DVD (I seriously couldn’t walk for a week) through to the latest fad, a weighted hula hoop!!

To be honest, at only 5ft tall, as soon as I opened the box I knew I was in for trouble… I was able to fit in it (think world in action only clothes)! 

My son kindly fit it together for me, it looked and felt more like a weapon of mass destruction. Still, I was willing to give it a go… 

OH MY GOD DON’T! Unless you’re Marine trained this is a killer…

Firstly step, make sure it is fitted together properl! Secondly don’t use it in the conservatory unless you’ve followed step 1 to the letter!

Oh yes, you can guess! Swing the hula hoop round and PING! It snapped apart and headed straight towards the glass windows, taking most of my skin from my side with it… 

Luckily, no permanent damage was caused to either myself or the windows… And my hula hoop? LONG SINCE BANISHED.. 



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