Saturday mornings

You gotta love a weekend (sorry to all those of you have to work a weekend) and especially a Saturday morning – coffee in bed with the whole weekend still ahead… 

This Saturday morning is extra special. Not only is Mr F off (he has to work every other, booooo!!) BUT….


Let me explain how I became hooked on the grand prix AND fell in love with a blonde German boy, Sebastian Vettel 💖

6 years ago Mr F announces, “I’m going to follow the Grand Prix this year, it’s a man’s sport”. F Minor concurred, “oh yes, me too, bring it on”… Well I wasn’t going to be left out! 

Throwing myself into the role of enthusiastic fan, I booked us tickets to watch Formula 3 racing at nearby Oulton Park. 

A few days later I received a phone call from Oulton Park to tell me that I’d won the draw?? By booking online I was automatically entered into a prize draw to win a visit into the RED BULL Pitt at the track on the day! 

How exciting! Unfortunately, at our appointed timeslot, due to an investigation into the previous race,  we were unable to “meet & greet” the F3 red bull drivers “Daniel Riccardio” and “Max Chiltern”…. We did however, get to touch their cars!!

No photo’s were allowed in the garage so here’s F Minor on the day with another car 

 Mr F and F minor soon got bored of Formula 1, and me? I was completely hooked! Within a few races, following Red Bull (OBVS! I’d touched their cars) I fell for their driver, Sebastian Vettel, a shy German boy with a wicked sense of humour and a smile that lit up the tv 💖💖 

Moving forward to 2015! Here I am, all alone on a Saturday morning waiting to watch my boy qualify for the Malaysian Grand Prix with his new team, Ferrari..

COME ON VETTEL, you can do it 👆


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