At weekends I tend not to have breakfast. I’m never hungry yet come a workday, as soon as I sit at my desk at 7am, I am ravenous 🙈

I love my Elfy Eating breakfast box. It’s tasty and so versatile, simply use any combination of ingredients that take your fancy…

My preference is sausage (quorn or SW) with boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes, spinach, sliced pickled gherkins and a good glug of Hellman’s fat free vinaigrette & salt n pepper to taste 😋


Dinner is served…

Oh my! They were delicious 😋 The chicken was chicken breast seasoned with Jamie Oliver’s, Thyme , lemon & bay salt (Christmas prezzie, pack of flavored salts bought from TK max)

This not on the SW app and may contain a syn or two as ingredients contain a bit of oil but the sprinkle I used will be negligible if any…

Desktop breakfast

I’ve never been a breakfast person and have always struggled to eat before leaving the house. 

memories of school days where, in desperation, my mum told me that it was better that I had “what I fancied” rather than do without. Cucumber butty it was then, covered in salt & black pepper. Do you think the slimming world plan was in my head all along? My heb with plenty of speed… 😳

Nowadays, with a 7am start, it’s nigh on possible to force anything down before leaving the house. 

Instead, I prepare my desktop breakfast! I get peckish between 8am & 9am and this really does fill me up till lunch.

Slimmjng world sausage, boiled eggs, pickled gherkins and sliced tomato (all topped with salt n pepper, some things never change) . 

Check out my AMAZING new lunch boxes (thanks to my good pal Mireya & Paperchase).