Dinner prep

Regular followers will know by now that I like to prep my as much as I can in advance so that come dinner time, I have as little to do as possible, allowing more time to sit and drink wine on a weekend 🥂🍷.

Today is no exception.

A slight tweak to the ingredients in the recipe (see earlier post for recipe) because I’m working with what’s in my veg rack – red pepper, red onion & courgette.

I’ve also added a bit of garlic and chopped chilli when cooking the chicken for a bit of added kick 🌶🌶

The smells that come from the pan when preparing this dish are soooo tempting! 

So now that’s the chichen and veg stage of the recipe done. I will reheat it later when the pasta is cooking. 

Crunch slaw…

Sunday is usually pasta night in the Elfy Eating house and tonight is no exception.

A great syn free, speedy side to have with a pasta dish is coleslaw.

It’s also handy to make if you’re feeling peckish, you can pick as much as you like as it’s all speed!

For today’s batch of coleslaw I’ve grated a carrot and finely sliced a red onion, 1 large spring onion and 2 sticks of celery (it was in the fridge and need using so why not?) and mixed with a sprinkle of sweetener plus salt & pepper to taste.

Add a good dollup of natural fat free fromage frais/yoghurt and mix well. Store in the fridge until ready and stir before serving 😘

Sonny afternoon 

They say it’s a dog’s life but I think Sonny disagrees with that statement!

Poor mite can’t quite understand why he is not allowed on the sofa when the enemy (Ziggy the tabby cat) is… hmmm let’s see, 43kg worth of solid dog vs 2kg (wet) worth of cat?? 

But it doesn’t stop him trying! 

Personally I reckon he spends the day practicing the “sad lab” look in the mirror – he has it mastered don’t you think? He does love his Mum though 💙