Synful Spare Ribs

The following recipe caught my eye on Facebook yesterday and I just knew I had to try it! Unusually for me, it works out quite high in syns per rib but I am going to stay good and just have 1 rib – you could also swap ribs for pork tenderloin filet to make it negligible per portion. 

According to the SW app, pork ribs on the bone are 6 syns per 100g. Whether they are any less syns with all visible fat trimmed, I don’t know! so to be safe, I’ve synned this dish as per the info on the app. You can choose whether to syn it lower or not 👍

Easy honey garlic slow cooker spare ribs 

The pack of ribs that I’ve used is 700g (42 syns) containing 7 ribs. I have used 8 tbsp The Protein Works Maple Syrup (8 tbsp = 1 syn), 2 tbsp soy sauce and 2 tsp frozen crushed garlic so I reckon each rib will be about 5 syns! (Again, you can replace the ribs for syn free pork fillet tenderloin)  the smell filling the kitchen is amazing! I am really looking forward to trying my 1 rib later 😂


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