Gutted with my gain!

Well folks, I’ve had a gain of 1&half lb today which brings me smack bang on target! I haven’t been 100% on plan for these last few weeks (too much millionaires shortbread for one 🙈) so it’s not completely unexpected… still gutting though, especially as this week is my birthday and we have lots of lovely things planned. 

Still, SW is a lifestyle and not a diet. I can take the gain on the chin(s), be a bit off plan this week and then get back on it afterwards and hopefully still be in my target range (that’s the plan)A morning cinema date to see Beauty & the Beast soon cheered me up though, especially bumping into the beautiful Lola (granddaughter no 1) who had come to see the film too…OMG! What a fantastic film! Great job Disney, I enjoyed every moment of it even though my eyes were leaking towards the end 😪I was a good girl too and opted for some speedy melon to snack on during the film. Followed up with a fully on plan lunch at spud-u-like 👍 


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