Egg Fried Rice the Elfy Eating way

Katsu curry is a Japanese dish and the SW recipe suggests serving it with jasmine rice. Now I want egg fried rice and I’m not sure that it’s traditionally served with this dish but hey, my house, my rules! I’ll just call it “fusion food” and be trendy for once… Cook your rice as normal and cool quickly (I put mine near an open window – I certainly don’t put it on a plastic windowsill so that it melts and leaves a great big circle! Well, not since 1 week after having my brand new kitchen. Lesson learned 🙈)Spray a frying pan (or wok if you have one) with frylight and add the cooked, cooled rice and cook for a few mins. Make a well in the center of the rice and pour in 2 beaten eggs. Leave for a few mins until egg starts to set (think of an omelette) Once the egg sets, start to draw in the rice until the rice and egg are mixed well. The egg will continue to cook so make sure you keep stirring.Add sliced spring onions and continue to cook for a few mins. Add a splash or two (or three, it’s your choice) of soy sauce.Finally, add a handful of frozen garden peas and heat through.

SYN FREE and sooooo tasty – who wants jasmine rice now then?? 😂


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