Blossoms review

What can I say? A fantastic band live and a great night out!

When we first pulled up onto the muddy grass verge (sorry, my mistake the highly secure, guarded by security until after the show for a mere snip at £10 car park) opposite the venue, my heart sank. 

It looked like a place that was in dire need of TLC but first we needed to play a real life game of “frogger” just to cross the road. It was carnage and I’m not quite sure who had right of way! The cars, the concert goers or the kamikaze taxi drivers… still we made it over safely!Once inside, the feeling of delapidation continuted. Not just peeling paint work but floors that your feet stuck too (even pre concert), shoddy toilets (I’m only just 5ft, it ain’t easy sitting on the loo whilst trying to keep the door shut) and who needs hand dryers these days? 🙈

However, the vibe and hints of grandeur were running through the place. You could see it was a building of great beauty with a musical history spanning decades. It made for a perfect venue…not too sure about my drink though! I asked for a lime and soda (rock n roll folks!) but I got a lime and tonic water. Not even slimline tonic, but full sugar Schweppes tonic Water for 3 syns?? (Yes, I’m that saddo that looked it up on the SW app 🙈)

Still the band were brilliant! Banging out hit after hit with some great audience participation along the way. 

Here’s the live acoustic My Favourite Room 💙​


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