Blossoms live…

I am so excited! Tonight Mr F & I are heading off to Liverpool to see Blossoms live at the Liverpool Olmpia. 

Music (especially live music) is another love of mine. Over the years I have seen an eclectic mix of bands from Chas & Dave suppporring Status Quo through to The Stone Roses at the Etihad stadium! So many that I’m not sure I’d be able to list them all. 

It would be tough to say which has been the best (The Sterophonics, Richard Ashcroft, Noel Gallagher, Paul Weller, Madness are all up there in my top 10) but without a doubt the worst was Midge Ure..

We were in Llandudno to celebrate my birthday weekend and spotted he was playing. I liked both his Ultravox & solo stuff so we thought why not? We turned up, handed our tickets in and was told “sit where you want”. Odd! We headed to our given seats (I just can’t do it, I’m not reckless enough, I have to follow protocol regardless 🙈)

We looked around and realized why she’d said that… we were the only ones upstairs in the circle. There was a scattering of people below and a sound engineer on stage testing the instruments… 

After a few minutes, hearing a few familiar notes coming from the stage, it dawned on us, THE CONCERT HAD BEGUN 🙉🙉 

Well! It was clearly not somewhere Midge Ure wanted to be that night (nor us by then) He had all the stage presence and charisma of a rotting carrot 🥕 

We forced ourselves to stay for the whole thing out of sheer pity… I can never see him on TV now without being reminded of the worst birthday ever… I think I even preferred the one where I fell out with my mum and boyfriend and ran away from home (but that’s another story folks 🙈)

Anyway, I have no fear of that happening tonight. This band is getting cracking reviews and I cannot wait. I’ve had their album playing in my car since Christmas.

Check them out folks – think you’ll know this one (last years holiday song for us) Blossoms – Charlemagne


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