Cauliflower Curry Sauce

Cauliflower Chinese Curry Sauce Recipe

One of my all time favs is a Chinese curry sauce! I have posted this recipe before but I tweak it all the time to try & improve it!  Full of speed and syn free 💖

1 cauliflower 

1 onion
Medium curry powder
Chinese 5 spice
Celery salt
Garlic granules
Chilli powder
Soy sauce (light & rich) 
Knorr chicken stock pot/ chicken stock cube

Cut the cauli into quarters & chop the onion. Place in a pan with all the ingredients and cover with water (plenty enough up boil & cook the cauliflower). 


Bring to the boil then drop to a simmer. Cover with a lid and simmer for 20-30 minutes until cauli is soft. 

Blend using a hand blender, adding water to achieve desired consistency – 1 medium cauliflower made me 3 pints of curry sauce, enough for 3 meals for a family of 4 – freezes well 

Meanwhile fry 5% fat minced beef (now £4 instead of £3.60 at Sainsbury’s – 40p increase overnight, DISGRACEFUL) . 

Add 1 chunkilly (is this a word?)) chopped onion and a handful of frozen peas.

Once cooked add the curry sauce and serve with boiled rice and/or noodles… I need both because that’s how I rock n roll 😜 



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