Coleslaw creation 

Saturday night is alway’s a treat night in the Fennell household (normally curry night too but this week I did persuade Mr F to try something new).

Having spotted a couple of low syn Aldi meats on a Facebook page I follow, I NEEDED to try them… 

BBQ pulled beef (2 syns) & Minted lamb shoulder (2.5 syns). So I popped to Aldi and purchased said meats.  

 So, the menu plan was BBQ pulled beef on an olive ciabatta (heb 😳, come on now, I AM a target member, I am allowed to take small liberties) with asda sweet potato fries (4.5 syns per 100g) & asda coleslaw!! Luvvly Jubbly as some might say…

Sadly, whilst the meal was great (still not a curry said Mr F) the coleslaw was sadly lacking in taste! To add insult to injury, it was wasted syns.. 

Surely I can do better?

Oh yes!!

To accompany tonight’s minted lamb shoulder I made my own syn free coleslaw along with syn free chips on a small wholemeal roll (the correct heb)… SOOOOOO much better! Why on earth do I try and go against what I know and trust…

Elfy Eating Coleslaw

I grated 2 carrots, finely sliced a red onion and some white cabbage. To this veg mix, I added a small tub of fat free natural yoghurt, a pinch of mustard powder, salt n pepper plus a good glug of Hellman’s fat free vinaigrette…   Elfy eating chips

And the chips? Simple, pierce 2 small spuds (I used Sainsbury’s Vivaldi spuds) and microwave for 5 mins. 

Using my mum’s crinkle cutter (must be at least 35 years old) prep your chips.  Toss with chip seasoning, place on a baking tray & spray with garlic frylite 

 RESULT? Who needs synful meals?  Bake in a pre-heated oven on a shelf above the lamb for 30 mins (turning halfway)



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