SW Curry bites recipe

The thought of a 9-5 training day at work today fills me with fear! Oh no, the training day itself will be fine… It’s the thought of not having unlimited access to my usual food chain!! 

So…. Do what I learnt as a Brownie “Be Prepared” (ok ok, Brownies never said that, Scouts did but hey, this is MY blog and I strongly advocate poetic license”) 

So, here’s one I prepared earlier (yes, Blue Peter folks, today feels like a great day for quotes)


Cook a savoury rice of choice (I like a mild curry flavoured one but make sure it’s syn free – batchelors have recently changed their recipe). 

Add 4/5 beaten eggs and a can of chic pea dhal (Sainsbury’s is NOT syn free, it’s a whopping 8 syns so do be careful) 

Spoon mix into sillicone muffin tray and ignore any negative comments from non Slimming Worlder’s about the appearance at this stage (mentioning no names Stephanie Wynne and Cath Rowlands) no sick was involved in the making of MY recipe 😳

Bake in the centre of the oven @200* for 30-40 minutes until golden and firm to the touch.

Hey presto, a tasty syn free snack to take with you and can be nibbled at throughout the day – add pickles for speed  



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