Chinese Pork

Do you find this current spell of hot weather makes you lose your appetite?

No, me neither… But it’s definitely a time for something light yet tasty!  

Pork steaks, jacket potato and salad was on the menu for tonight but I couldn’t help but think that it seemed a tad…. Boring??

Time to EMMARISE (this is what hubby calls it when I “tweak” recipes to suit my taste/ ingredients)

Too hot to go to the shops so I took inspiration from the stuff I had in. OMG I Just whipped up an amazing syn free marinade for my pork steaks… WOW!! This I must share! 

Using my trusted hand blender, I blitzed 3 sliced spring onions. Garlic granules, soy sauce (light and dark), rice wine vinegar, Chinese 5spice,  smoked paprika, chilli flakes & granulated sweetener.

I poured this over my pork steaks in an oven proof dish then topped with chopped peppers. 


Bake in the middle of the oven for 20-30 mins (jacket spuds sprayed with frylight & coated with ground salt are already crisping up on the top shelf).

Serve with a big green salad and pour the sauce over the jacket spud – who needs butter with a sauce like this??  



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