The Mystery of the Great Fire of Fennell

Scarily we had a near miss with a fire in the kitchen last night! Things could have ended so badly. What I find most disconcerting though is the “finger pointing” that was done by Mr F! Let me set the scene and then you can decide in which direction the finger of guilt should be pointed ๐Ÿ‘ˆ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿ‘‡

Now, as we have been together for over 13 years, Mr F and I have our dinner routine perfected. I am responsible for the planning, preparation and  execution (rather apt right for this particular tale) and Mr F takes charge of the clear up campaign afterwards, dishes and wiping down. 

Yesterday was no different. I had a beef & spinach curry cooking all afternoon in the slow cooker. At 6.30pm I put the oven on for the chips (mccains rustic chips only 10 syns for the whole bag!!) and boiled the kettle for the rice. 


I would like to make it quite clear that at NO stage did I switch on or use the electric hob… I had no use for the said hob, it was slow cooker curry, oven chips and microwave rice (I ALWAYS cook my rice on the microwave – cover with boiling water, 10 mins full power, perfect rice every time)

By 7.15 the dinner was dished up and we were tucking in quite happily with trashy Saturday night TV. The curry was gorgeous, recipe to follow.  

Mr F then took himself off into the kitchen, radio on and busied himself with operation clean up. 

Just after 8pm, dishes and kitchen all done, Mr F returns to the lounge and settles on the sofa ready for our chosen film. 

F Minor decides to top up his drink before the film starts but screams out my name as he opens the kitchen door! To my horror, the kitchen is filled with smoke and a bitter acrid smell! Immediately I can see that a plastic tub has melted onto the stainless steel hob cover which is glowing bright red.

Windows open, doors open (including the front door from which the dog decides to escape and bound off gleefully towards the sunset)

Mr F lifts off the plastic tub & hob cover. Immediately the glowing hob bursts into flames

OH MY GOD!! What do we do???

We blame me, that’s what we do!! Apparently, it’s my fault? I am the cause of the fire? 

Can anybody please tell me how because I am puzzled? Electric jobs aren’t the best but I do believe take a lot less than an hour to heat up, so even if I had switched the hob on (which I didn’t), it would have caught fire a lot quicker…

I put forward that Mr F caught the switch on the cooker when wiping down (easily done, I am not judging) 

These are the facts M’Lud, I now rest my case…

 PS – fire quickly put out and dog caught and returned so alls well that ends well ๐Ÿ’•


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