Happy Friday

Yesterday was such a lovely day! Mr F was on his day off from work, F Minor was travelling back from Cornwall and it was Friday, the weekend starts here.. 

Now, as I’ve said before, the best part of the being a “target” member of slimming world is that I weigh in when I choose. I can go weekly, fortnightly or even monthly. The only rule is that when I DO weigh in, I’m within 3lb of target.

This allows me great freedom, so on such a lovely day, I decided SOD IT! No weigh in for me this week let’s go out for dinner instead…

So after work, Mr F and I headed into Chester. I had been wanting to pop to an Art Gallery that were displaying artwork by Ronnie Wood (of Rolling Stone fame) and Bob Dylan (of Bob Dylan fame)

I have an interest in art and own a limited edition print by Rolf Harris. It currently resides with my step-daughter (call it an early inheritance). When we moved to our bungalow 4 years ago, there was no room for it and so Adele (Del) willingly adopted it… Well, it was willing until that day a couple of years back when all the accusations hit the headlines! I still remember Del’s reaction to it, she text me “You knew, you bloody well knew…” Let’s just say that I think it’s currently hanging in the shed 🙈

Saw some amazing artwork, I especially loved the London and Paris street scenes by Henderson Cisz. So vibrant and glowing.

 So how do you follow a classy trip such as this??

With a visit to a Flaming Grill pub of course! My favourite part of eating out is perusing the menu with a glass of chilled wine 


My head said salad but my heart screamed BURGER… What can I say, I ALWAYS listen to my heart.. How could I resist the pull of the “Piggy Burger”! Flame grilled gammon topped with pulled pork, bacon cheese (hea?) on a brioche bun (heb? Well it is for today anyway) served with chips.

Just don’t tell F Minor where we ate! He was stuck on the M6 following a 6 hour journey from Cornwall sandwiched between his 3 & 6 year old half siblings 😳 judging by the hug I got when he flew through the front door, I think it’s safe to say he’s missed his mum…


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