Welsh Ginger Ninja Chicken

I love to try out new recipes, especially when they turn out as delicious as last night’s dinner was. 

It’s all thanks to one of my work friends. Her boyfriend is following the slimming world plan and so when she cooks for him, she likes to make it a slimming world dish. Yesterday she shared the most AMAZING yet so easy peasy recipe with me.  

She didn’t have the name of the dish so in her honour it have decided to call it Welsh Ginger Ninja chicken… 


She is one of my favourite people EVER! She is such a warm, kind, and generous person that I am able to overlook the fact that she is Welsh AND ginger!! (I am half welsh myself so I’m allowed) Best of all, we share the same wicked sense of humour! I couldn’t even begin to tell you any of the jokes that have made us giggle because I do think we’d be arrested 😳

What I can share tho is the recipe for Welsh Ginger Ninja Chicken…

Wondering why we call her ninja?? I’m afraid if I told you I’d have to get her to kill you… 



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