Green Fingers

Did you know sweet peas are drug addicts??

According to Mr F, my sweet pea seedlings are shooting up in the conservatory!! 😜 


I love gardening.. Well, when I say I love gardening, I mean that I love a nice garden. My role is to decide what I want in the garden. I pick the flowers (sweet peas, tulips) the shrubs (erysimum bowles mauve, rhododendron) and the trees (Camelia, Cherry Blossom, Olive)

It’s that time of year where the garden springs into life and I’m getting so excited..  I can’t wait to see our garden on full bloom again 💖

I have to say, it’s all thanks to my imagination and the hard work of Mr F. Whereas I can kill the hardiest of plants (yes! I once managed to kill a spider plant) He will nurture anything that has got a sign of life, if there’s the tiniest fleck of green, he’ll bring it back to life. 

Mind you, he is rewarded well! Whilst he waters the plants and nurtures the seedlings, I’m in the kitchen making the dinner…  



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