Equal portion size 

After my usual “synful” weekend, with lots of rich food, wine and goodies,  I’m always ready to get back on track on a Monday. 

As such, Monday nights dinner is quite often good old fashioned stodge fayre. 

With a 500g pack of 5% fat minced beef sitting in the fridge what could I make for dinner? As it’s only me and Mr F (F Minor is on his holibobs remember). I want it to last for 2 nights but don’t want the same meal twice…. 

I know, I’ll divide the mince in half and keep one in the fridge to worry about tomorrow. With the other half in making BABYBEL BURGERS!!

Being childless this week, you would think that meal times would be easier… WRONG! The biggest child is still here… 

Now with 5 children between us, holiday and weekend meal times were always a balancing act. The teary cries of “he’s got more cheese on his pasta than me”, “she’s got more chips than me”, “they’ve all got crispier roasters than me” could be heard for miles around. 

Oh no, not the kids! They have always been the epitome of well mannered politeness. Thankful for all my efforts when trying to cook for the 7 of us in a 6 berth caravan. 

No, it’s Mr F, eyes like a hawk when it comes to spotting an extra pea or chip on a plate. 

Hence why, my burger preparations were so thorough!  



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