What a result!

As you will know if you were around last week, I was expecting a maintain but the scales showed a gain of 1&half lb. I was gutted to say the least BUT, having been here before, I decided that I would carry on as planned because it would balance out at my next weigh in.

 Now I am only human, as confident as I was, there is always that little voice that whispers “what if the scales were right and you gained 1&half lb? After all this chocolate & wine this weekend you’ll gain again”. 

So, making the decision to brave the weigh in and take it on the chins, I stepped on the scales…. 

 So glad I did. I KNEW that last week was a false reading.  Bang on target weight! Not bad following an Easter week which included lots of chocolate, cheesecake and prosecco… 💖

The morale of my story here is not to let unexpected results on the scales send you on the path to self destruct! 

Sooooo last night we had a Chinese takeaway as a treat!  



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