Syn refresher day

Well it’s that time of the week again. WEIGH DAY!  Or as I prefer to call it, “SYN REFRESHER DAY” (my glass is ALWAYS half full).

Now that I am at “target”, I don’t need to weigh in as religiously as whilst on plan. I am allowed to pick and choose when I weigh in, the only rule being that when I do weigh in, I am within 3lbs of my target weight (above or below).

Today’s dilemma is “to weigh or not to weigh?”.

Last week I had a gain of 1&half lb which took me by surprise. I hadn’t been slavishly good (well I did have my birthday & reaching target to celebrate) but I did feel that over the 2 week period since reaching target I had balanced the celebrations with plenty of good days?

Then Easter happened 😜 

Well I couldn’t not relax and enjoy a bank holiday weekend, could I? I’m sure nobody had ever, on their death bed, uttered the words “I’m so glad I didn’t eat that Easter Egg in 2015″…

Sooooo… Officially, I don’t have to weigh in this week,  I am a target member. So my options are:

• give it another week or two to claw back the lbs.

• face the scales, take the hit and move on.

My instinct is to go to class, get on the scales, draw a line and step over it ready to start a fresh page! 

What will I do? Stay tuned…. 



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