Need for Speed

I picked up a lovely gammon joint on my weekly shop this week and immediately my mouth was watering! Even before I got to the till with my trolley  was cooking it in my mind…

CAMPFIRE STEW! Delicious and perfect to throw in the slow cooker on a working day. 

As it’s the school holiday, I can prepare it all and have it in the slow cooker then F Minor can flick the on switch at noon, perfect timing for a 7pm dinner.  

6.15am sees me chopping and dicing peppers and onions with the practised speed of a ninja on fast forward!  5 minutes later the dish is prepared and I still have time for a quick blast on Candy Crush before heading off into the sunrise…

9 hours later (1 hours overtime today as F Minor has an Orthodentist appointment tomorrow and I have to leave work early) I arrive home to the mouthwatering smoky aroma of campfire stew filling the house .. 

Time to shred, then back in the slow cooker up keep warm till dinner time.

If Campfire Stew tickles your fancy, stay tuned… Recipe to follow šŸ·



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