Back to life…

What a fabulous Easter that was! 

Back to life now, back to reality. This morning it was back to a 5am alarm call. The dog was relieved, he really doesn’t cope well with a change in his routine and this Easter break proved a day off too many for Sonny. He turned his back on me yesterday and sulked all day. Why me? It’s not as if I didn’t take him out on his usual 5am a Monday walk?? 


Mind you, he’s forgiven me today. Why? Well because the advantage of an early shift, especially when the weather turns out to be hot and sunny like today, is the early finish! 

2.45pm arrives, log off PC, log off phone, lock drawers and exit office. Home by 3pm.

F Minor on his xbox holed up in his bat cave avoiding the sun as all teen boys are want to do. 

That leaves just me & Sonny boy. I suspect the cat, who has recently bonded with F Minor following a major fight with me having woken me at 4am on Good Friday even though there was food in his bowl is holed up in the bat cave too.

So what to do on a beautiful day like today? 

Shorts & t shirt on, in the garden and feet up with a book! Plenty of time for jobs in the winter!!


 BTW! Please don’t tell him what my book is about… He’s only just stopped sulking with me 😳 


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