Bank Holiday Monday? Really? Groan…

I don’t mean to sound all bah humbug (or would that be bah cadbury’s Creme egg??) BUT as much as I love a 4 day weekend, I do, in a perverse kind of way, look forward to it being over. 

I’ve had a fab weekend! Cinema, family dog walk along the banks of the river Dee and we’re off to Chester Zoo this afternoon – couldn’t think of a better way to spend my bank holiday weekend. 

No, the reason for my surliness is the food and drink that accompanies the extended weekend! 

I’m clearly a dedicated follower of Slimming World for a reason and do you know what that reason is?

I’m greedy…

No other way of putting it. I am a greedy person who does not know when to say STOP! 

I will eat and drink to celebrate. I will eat and drink to commiserate. In fact, I will eat and drink for any possible excuse going.

Now this is where bank holiday weekends are bad. I start off with good intentions – just one egg with plenty of speed food and body magic,I promise myself. 

However, I know through experience that I have brilliant willpower. I can say no quite happily whilst picturing that goal weight in my head. My problems begin when I say “oh go on, just the one”…

This was me last night  


BACK ON IT…… Tomorrow šŸ˜œ


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