The 3 faces of weigh day

Most people believe that Slimming World (SW) was founded in 1969. I however believe differently…

I have photographic evidence that SW was in existence in 1517, 1624 AND 1893!! (Tho I have my thoughts on Jesus feeding all those people with fish & water – red day? Maybe syns were invented when the water was turned into wine??)

“You cannot be serious?” I hear you say… Well I say I sure cotton doody am!

As we all know, central to SW and losing weight is weigh day. Yes, that much anticipated but always dreaded day of the week that we have designated to step on the scales. 

It cannot be avoided! We can run (tho perhaps if we did more running we wouldn’t be so afraid of the scales), we can hide and we can delay it but ultimately, we WILL be stepping on those scales. 

Here comes the good bit! I may not be a historian or an expert but I believe that here is the proof that SW has been in existence a lot longer that we all realise. 

 present to you….




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