It’s a very Blue Good Friday for me…

Tonight I’m off to the Manchester Apollo to see noughties boy band BLUE! 

Didn’t realise how much I liked then until a couple of years back I had the chance to book tickets to see boyband “5ive”. Well I snapped them up, perfect for me & my big sis (no 1 cheesy pop music fan – just watch her groove to The Dooley’s). 

In the car “All RIse” arose. Text to sis, “YAYY listening to 5ive All Rise”

Reply – “That’s Blue”.

Few weeks on, similar text to sis, “YAYY listening to 5ive Fly By” 

Reply – “That’s Blue”. 

Realisation dawned… I’m not as big a fan of 5ive as I thought 😳

Ironically, I couldn’t make the concert as I was recovering from my 1st op on my feet and so sis took a friend who both proclaimed “BEST CONCERT EVER”…

FINALLY, got to see both bands on the Boy Band Big Reunion tour last year with sis. BOTH bands were fab BUT, for some reason, as it was approaching the time for Blue to come on I found myself getting more and more excited…

The first note started and on the boys strutted…

“I LOVE YOU DUNC” screamed some lunatic… Oh my god!! It was me 😜 where did that come from???

4 songs they did! Well, not enough for me so here I am, months on, counting down the hours till I see my Dunc again!

Pity F Minor! I’m afraid Max drew the short straw and gets to come with me… I did decline the offer of a meet and greet ticket (thanks tho, Mr F) there are some things a son should never have to see 🙈

Now do I play it cool tonight or do I wear my “Mrs Duncan James” t shirt?  



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