Early morning wake up call

So so tired after a long bustling day. 

Ziggy (tabby cat) woke me up at 4.30 AM by patting me on my face, constantly… 

Mr F’s day off so only me to get up, HOW did the cat know?? Clever cat I hear you say? Stupid cat I say, guess who is having a sleepover in the great outdoors tonight?? We’ll see who’s clever when then cat flap is locked shut…. 


I jest (not really but can’t have you reporting me to the RSPCA, can I?)

After work, we played at Easter Bunny and distributed the family eggs and got a cheeky little kiss off my poor little chicken pox riddled granddaughter, Lola-Belle đŸ’•

Home at 5.30 and nothing prepared yet for dinner. Oh no!!  What’s a tired girl to do?

Chilli, a lifesaver when after a quick, tasty, filling meal… 

Sooooo whipped up a chilli and left that simmering whilst I took a quick dip in a lovely hot bubble bath.

RECIPE & PIC to follow…


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