Morning routine

Do you want a fab quick & easy breakfast? One that’s ready in just a few minutes? Me too, if only….

Ta daaaaaaaa!! Look what I came up with today! 

As you know, I start work at 7am, which means a a 5.15am alarm call and I leave the house at 6.30.

In that short time, I need at least half an hour with a wake up coffee and a catch up on my social media sites (yes, guilty as charged).

The remaining 3/4 of an hour is for getting me ready, getting my lunch ready AND getting breakfast ready! “How does she do it?” I hear you ask… Quickly is what I answer, Let’s just say I’m a morning girl and have my routine down to a tee..

Soooo wanting something different to add to my pre cooked slimming world sausage (planning and preparation is essential when following slimming world)…

In a bowl, I added a handful each of frozen sliced mushrooms and frozen sliced peppers. Cook for  5 mins in the microwave. 

1-5 mins – put on moisturiser/ foundation/ powder to suit taste, eye liner & lip liner. 

Add 2 eggs, a glug of water, salt n pepper and beat. Cook on high for the next 2-4 minutes checking and beating every minute eg:

6-7 mins – eyeshadow & mascara – beat

7-8 mins – lippy, blot, lippy – beat

8-9 mins – blusher – check eggs…

RESULT – desktop breakfast prepared and face done within 10 minutes!  



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