Daddy or chips?

It’s just like that age old question, Daddy or chips? (Erm CHIPS obvs! Syn free slimming world style)

masterchef or three in a bed?

Now before Mr F starts thinking it’s his birthday, let me clarify! It’s tonight’s tv programmes and not my wishlist that I’m discussing here…

It was similar earlier today trying to decide what to have for dinner? Chicken or chicken? (2 packs of breasts approaching use by date in the fridge). 

Then, my good friend and work colleague, Missy McD, happened up mention mushy pea curry!! 

EUREKA! Mushy peas! I need mushy peas for dinner!! With chicken, no with steak! With steak, mushrooms and onions ooh yes! Steak, mushy peas, mushrooms, onions and seasoned roasted new potato’s!!

Hmm got no steak! Or mushy peas! Or mushrooms! Or onions! Got new potato’s?? This could be expensive…

Quick freezer inventory! 2,packs of chicken breasts now 😜Fish?? Oh yes, fish, roasted new pots & quick trip to the shop for mushy peas, mushroom & onion!

DINNER SORTED….. That just leaves the decision, masterchef or three in a bed??  



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