Spaghetti Bolognaise

Spag Bol is a firm favourite in the Fennell household, though I do find it a very messy affair! 

In fact, I think many an artist has been inspired following a meal of spag bol… I am convinced spaghetti  is the paintbrush of choice for Jackson Pollock! 

 Many years ago, following the announcent by my sister that she was “with child” I enthusiastically embarked on a Winnie the Pooh cross stich… 

For some reason I picked the biggest, most complex pattern available! For over 12 months I stitched blood sweat & tears over this bloody piece of cloth! To this day I can’t see an image of Winnie the Pooh, Tigger or Eeyore without feeling a bit sick!! (Sorry AA Milne, no offence). 

FINALLY, a tad later than planned (his 1st birthday rather than his birth) it was finished. I couldn’t have felt prouder than if I’d created the Bayoux tapestry.

Lovingly, I hand washed it and laid it out to dry in front of the fire.

Then we had SPAG BOL for dinner 😳

Who knew, spaghetti could flick sauce that far! To this day I don’t know who’s dinner ended up on that cross stitch but I can tell you this… 14 years on it’s still on it 😜  


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