Post birthday blues!

What a fabulous birthday it was! I have to say that it will go down as one of the best birthdays ever…

I had some lovely presents (my friends and family know me so well).  

 The morning was spent with Mr F, shopping at Cheshire Oaks outlet village (treated myself to a Fred perry knitted top – very 60s mod feel). 

Stopgap coffee at Starbucks where I had my first ever skinny latte (and the obligatory foam moustache) followed by spud-u-like for lunch – baked beans AND coleslaw (it was my birthday). 


The afternoon was spent at home recovering! I am hurtling towards mid 40s now, not as energetic as I used to be 😳

Now what did I have for dinner? Well, I can honestly say, right up to the day, I had planned to stay on track and cook a tasty syn free dinner! 

Then the birthday devil whispered in my ear and I found myself announcing “Chinese takeaway on me tonight”..

Oh it was delicious and I enjoyed every mouthful! No pics I’m afraid. The Chinese delivery boy got lost and I had to direct him to my home, wasn’t risking the food cooling any longer than necessary ha ha…

That’s the best think about Slimming World! You can have your special occasions where you don’t follow plan 100%. Flexi syns (double jointed in my case, did I mention the Chablis wine & Dorito’s??). It doesn’t mean that you have to give up and write off the rest of the week. 

Also, for me, the beauty of reaching my target weight on Saturday, allows me to go 3lbs either side and to go to class when I choose! I can give myself a week or two to pull it back.  WIN WIN 💖


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