Lazy Sunday..

5am starts on a weekday certainly leave you looking forward to a weekend lie in…. 

So why on earth am I wide awake at silly o’clock EVERY weekend?? 

This was me at 6am this morning! 

 Needless to say Mr F was NOT impressed…

Still, it does leave plenty of time for morning coffee & a catch up on Facebook, Instagram and blogging! Oh how times have changed (more about this again).

Also time to make my shopping list for this morning’s weekly shop. 

I confess I am part of THAT elite gang who gather outside Sainsbury’s at 9.28 on a Sunday morning poised with my trolley. It’s like a mash up of Platoon and Supermarket Sweep (youngsters, ask the oldies).

 I do believe it’s the only time us Brits refuse to queue! We arrive at the store, trolley token at the ready. Heads down, avoiding eye contact whilst weighing up the competition at the same time (now that’s talent)

Then we wait… The staff hover in the doorway, pretending to struggle with the door electronics. You can almost here the opening bars of Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain… I’m getting palpatations just writing about it..

9.31am AND THE DOORS ARE OPENED…. Be afraid shoppers, be very afraid! 



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