Elfy Living Meatballs – Syn Free recipe

Sunday night chez Fennell is ALWAYS pasta night and tonight is no exception… This dish was AMAZING, if I do say so myself! (To be fair, you never hear Nigella say, “well it was ok, but I’ve done better”) 


Meatballs – (I buy 500g of each meat & freeze 1 portion of meatballs before cooking)

250g 5% fat minced beef 
250g lean minced pork 
Smoked paprika 
Chilli powder
Mixed herbs
Salt n Pepper

Mix all the ingredients together using your hands! (I find this gets a really even mix and I like to pretend I’m Demi Moore in Ghost) 

Divide mixture in half. Repeat until you have 16 even chunks (32 if using double ingredients) & roll into round meatballs. 

For the sauce

Red onion chopped (optional speed) 
Red pepper chopped (optional speed) 
Worcestershire sauce
Chilli flakes
Mixed herbs
Chicken/ beef stock pot

Using fry lite (olive oil, chilli or garlic) and Worcestershire sauce, fry garlic till turning golden. Add onion & peppers at this stage (if using) and fry till soft. Add Passata (I favour napolina), chicken stock, chilli flakes & mixed herbs. 

Bring the sauce to a gentle simmer then drop in meatballs, stir well and simmer for 20 – 30 mins till meatballs are cooked through!

Serve with any cooked pasta (dry not fresh to keep this syn free). 

If you want an extra speed boost in this meal, add small chopped broccoli florets (or spinach) to your pasta when it’s cooking! 

I never fry my meatballs first! I like them to stay soft and juicy. I can guarentee you, 20 – 30 minutes simmering in a hot sauce will ensure these meatballs are cooked through! 

I haven’t poisoned anybody yet (well, not unintentionally that is AND you can’t prove anything – they will never found the bodies 🙊) 

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