Weigh Day

Lots on today! Lola’s here, new lounge/ hallway carpet bring fitted, hair cut (drastic chop ahead) but more about all that later! First I have my “WI” meeting…. Nooooo, not not the Jerusalem & flower arranging WI (stereotypical & judgemental I know, but hey, my blog, my rules)


Saturday mornings are all about my slimming world class and those dreaded scales! It’s also what keeps me on the straight & narrow on a Friday night, which had been key to my weight loss success.

Now, over the last 2 years I have lost over 2 stone, including 2 operations on my feet with a total period of 3 months enforced “off feet” rest. Not bad for a girl over 40. Slow and steady always wins the race…

I settled at my target in June 14, just before my 2nd op. Although no Miss Slinky, I  was comfortable with my new weight, shape and size. More importantly, I felt good.

However, following a bloody good Christmas (and I think you all know what I mean 🍷🍴🍸🎂🍰) in my attempts to get back on track, I somehow ended up below my target range…

So I either had to make like it was Christmas again and gain some lbs, OR, put a bit more effort in and lower my target by half a stone! 

You guessed it!! I’m now STUCK!! I’ve got 1&1/2 lb to go to reach my new target and can I buggery get there…

Maintain, gain 1/2 lb, maintain! Really?? But I’ve been good & on plan all this time!

So last week, following my maintain I had an “EFF IT” moment. I went out had & had the biggest slice of M&S carrot cake there was…

I didn’t stop there either! I had my usual wine over the weekend (I am chief campaigner of the Save Syns for Wine gang) followed my treats galore (crisps mostly).

Now, I have tried my hardest to counterbalance that this week but I am not confident at all…

This is why, before my 10am class today, this is where I will be… 

Is this just me??


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