Target Day!

All in all today has been a busy, hectic, strange kinda day!

I’ve told you all about the “incident” which took place earlier (still not sure whether or not to do anything about that or not) but hey, my day goes on…

News from earlier today that I wanted to save till the right time! 

OMG! I lost 1&half lb this week taking me to my new target weight! 

OMG DID I JUST SAY THAT!!  I am at my new target weight!! 

Soooo to recap, today, on the weekend leading up to my birthday, I lost 1&half lb, reached my new target weight, had a new carpet, fitted, got accosted in a carpark, and… 

Hmm and what? What else have I done today? 


Oh yeah… That’s right! I had all my hair chopped off! Hope you all like it? 


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