My guilty pleasure 

Now most people who know me well would be able to tell you my guilty pleasure!  

It’s Chas n Dave’s – ain’t no pleasing you! Click on the link & listen, I dare you not to like it…

Ain’t no pleasing you

I’ve always loved it! 

Saw them live in December (Status Quo had them as the warm up band – dare I say they were better than the quo 🙊)! 

At my step-daughter’s wedding in November, she specially requested that the DJ play it – it was a Peter Kay moment, the 2nd I heard that infamous drumroll, I stopped, turned my ears to the music and strutted to the dance floor john travolta style!

Then WHY? oh WHY? Do I have this wonderful song as my bloody alarm tone on my phone??

A 5.15am alarm call at that! (Mr F ‘s day off today). I didn’t know whether to throw my phone at the wall or dance??



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