Hump Day

I do confess to only recently finding out the true meaning of hump day! (Yes Mr F! You naughty boy, all those years you lied to me, not to say made my late for work 😳).

It is “up there” with my list of favourite days, alongside Thursday  (Friday Eve), Friday (weekend is imminent), Saturday (weekend) and Sunday (weekend day 2).

Clearly, my glass isn’t half full – it’s refillable!! 

But today I have a dilemma! I do not know what I am having for dinner. Breakfast and lunch is sorted, quiche for breakfast, jacket spud with cottage cheese and salad for lunch (mmm I sprayed the jacket spud with garlic frylite & salt before cooking in the oven last night for boy’s dinner / extra one in for me)..

I have a chicken in the fridge, but beyond that, who knows? Still, thinking of ideas will keep me out of mischief today, won’t it??



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