Sometimes you think you’re having a bad day then, then as it wears on you realise it’s going downhill, fast!! 

Busy bee after work, put the roast chicken in the oven (with water & seasoning not oil of course), popped to Sainsbury’s to pick up boy’s dinner 2moro (pre birthday trip to the cinema  with the girls for me, followed by spud-u-like – I do like), put a wash load on, prepared butties for school/ work! 

Phew, time for a nice hot bath….. Bubbles in, candle lit, book ready & in I step! OMG IT’S F..F..FREEZING!!

Yup! Boiler is dead! No power… Hmmm lights go yesterday and several bulbs blow. Gotta be a blown fuse, HELP??

Hubby not due home til 7, so only one thing for it.. CARBS FOR DINNER!

Now appatently, Batchelors have changed the recipe for savoury rice & the new 100g packs are now syns 😳

Good job I stocked up at Home Bargains then, guess what I’m having for dinner tonight?? 

Suddenly the day seems to get better x


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