Singing Swede

Now if I said to you “Singing Swede”,  hands up who pictures the Swedish chef from The Muppet Show?

👆I did….

We’ll let me introduce you to the Slimming world singing swede…

Put your swede on a microwaveable plate (I cut my swede in half for 1 portion) and microwave on high for 20 minutes (turning over halfway)…

Listen carefully and you will hear how it got it’s name! It’s not exactly Barry White but it does alternate between a high whistling noise and a deep “whooooo” sound..  Quite entertaining if, like me, you really  are easily amused 😜 

BUT, the results are something else! Once cooked, scoop out the soft and tender flesh & mash with a bit of black pepper. 

Trust me, you have never had such a buttery tasting swede… A great substitute for mashed potato! Tune in later to see what I had mine with…


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