Now how do you all feel about BMI charts?

Currently I am registering as 25.1 which puts me .1 into the overweight category! 

For the last few weeks I have strived to get under this figure to no avail (well, when I say strive, I don’t mean I’ve cut back on my wine nights at the weekend – perish the thought).

I have however, balanced this out with super healthy eating Monday’s to Fridays! I’ve dropped carbs, included plenty of speed food into my meals and snacked only on speed food! Has this helped?  Erm no! A gain of half lb followed by a maintain…

Now, does this mean I need to try harder & cut back my syns? (I currently allow myself 10/70 per day/week) which I would find very depriving to do  (slimming world is a way of life afterall and not a diet).

OR, do I accept that, the BMI chart isn’t absolutely perfect and doesn’t fully take into account that, like dog breeds, us humans vary greatly in stature…

Although I am only little in height (honestly,someone once said if I was 2 inches taller I’d be a dwarf) I am not what you would describe as “petite” or “dainty”! “Stocky” I believe is how you would describe me with plenty of boobs & bum.

Likewise, a small breed dog can be dainty and petite or it can be stocky (ok ok maybe not with boobs & bum)

Maybe I am a staffie bull terrier, which would also register at the top end of the doggy BMI scale? Maybe this is the perfect BMI for my stature and I would look ill & miserable if I reached the lower target? 

I could never be a chihuahua, I am just not designed that way…

Maybe I should accept what I am by nature and not try to change that just because a chart indicates that I weigh too much?? 

What do you think?


3 thoughts on “BMI

  1. Do u feel better than u did a year ago? You certainly look healthier and happier so celebrate your achievement. As if the .1 matters anyway!! 🙂


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